Your modern and class apart society is incomplete without efficient tools and processes to monitor and track day-to-day operations. UrbanBonds offers a comprehensive solution that supports the following:

  • Accounting functionality that allows Society committee members to track their income and expenses while seamlessly generating various accounting reports such as ledgers, Profit and Loss Statements, Trial Balance and Balance Sheet, all at the click of a few buttons.

  • A comprehensive tracking of creditors and debtors which helps in streamlining resources.

  • Creation of profiles for committee members and residents to monitor and execute society-friendly policies and practices.

  • Resident management functionality not only maintains an occupant/tenant database but also provides information on outstanding bills and penalties to be collected from them.

  • Facility management functionality defines and assigns amenities for use by residents. Also assures timely maintenance of pivotal amenities such as gardens and lifts.

  • We realize that most societies are run on strict budgets. Therefore, our society-based solutions are offered in the most budget-friendly prices to suite the unique requirements of our customers. Contact us to know more about pricing.
Our accounting module was built in consultation with professional accountants and auditors. UrbanBonds ensures 100% automation of billing and collection processes.

Earlier, accounting was a cause of concern for society members - a huge quantity of excel files with tabulations had to be maintained to keep track of earnings and purchases. Moreover, specialized accounting software had to be deployed to manage accounting activities.

With UrbanBonds, these cumbersome accounting practices are a thing of the past. We ensure that book keeping is now a simple and efficient task - even for those who are not accounting specialists - providing huge savings in time and costs for Housing Societies.

We ensure a harmonious integration of all processes pertaining to a society. This is because each module in our offering is inter-linked to ensure proper updations of resources. For example, income generated in the form of a maintenance bill or when resident books an amenity will be updated automatically in the Income Tracker.
Book keeping is made easier with automatic reconciliation of balance sheet against various transactions that take place within the housing society. This will help society treasurers manage their accounts better, ensuring they stay on top of their finances.

UrbanBonds allows you to create profiles for each member in the Managing Committee so that they can take on responsibilities in pursuit of successful functioning of the society. Members can now communicate with residents, lease out facilities or check financial reports all at the click of a mouse.

Are you spending a lot of time on paperwork and administration-related issues of your society? If yes, then you are faced with a common problem affecting society members in India.

Through our online solution, you can manage all aspects of your society from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is go online and log in to the online portal to view reports, complaints and pending bills.

This boosts productivity and ensures smoother functioning of your society, so that you can concentrate on other welfare activities.

Our solution allows users to make quick and efficient decisions. Whether it is decisions involving the maintenance staff or complaints from residents, UrbanBonds provides a platform for a unique and efficient administration of solutions.

Decision-makers can approve payments or assign workers for a maintenance job with immediate effect.
With the use of our software, Managing Committee members tend to become more proactive, engaging with residents while making swift decisions. This helps them work for the society in a more emphatic and concerned manner. It also ensures that they can control problems and resolve them before they go out of control.

The efficiency of our software provides peace of mind to all stakeholders, from Managing Committee members and residents to maintenance staff and 3rd party vendors. Moreover, our goal of paperless functioning in Housing Societies is in line with modern eco-friendly practices in the corporate world.

Be a patron of green sustainability and help to save our planet. At UrbanBonds, we realize the importance of going green and ensure that you are not left far behind.

Residential managements in India often rely on piles of files to access crucial information. With our society accounting software, all your data is digitally stored for future access.

With UrbanBonds' paperless campaign, you can expect the following:

  • A more efficient office - It takes time to go through months and years of documents to locate the information you need. UrbanBonds will help reduce errors and increase efficiency by retrieving your data quicker digitally.
  • Increased savings - With UrbanBonds, you will make considerable savings on stationery items every year.
  • Improved security - Since all documents are digitally secured in a central repository, the chances of threat to information are highly unlikely. File cabinets, on the other hand, are prone to risks from all quarters even when they are locked and secured.
Are you able to locate files on time and in an efficient manner when they are needed? Societies in India rely on an army of files cabinets to store documents related to residents, billing and facilities. As a result, a major challenge faced by people in charge of residential communities is the inability to store information reliably.

UrbanBonds takes care of that worry by providing you with a quality system that stores and retrieves data whenever you need it.

Whether you are looking for information on tenants, leases, receipts or vendors, you will have access to it at the click of a mouse. This ensures the efficient and smooth running of residential management offices.

With our society accounting software, you will be able to stay organized, ensuring smooth streamlining of all services rendered to residents and shop owners.

The genuine concerns of residents will no more get oversighted or lost. UrbanBonds is a platform for residents to work in collaboration with managing committee members to build a more responsive, friendly and vibrant community.

Residents can monitor financial reports and log complaints that can be brought to the attention of the concerned authorities in an efficient manner, ensuring smooth functioning of the society through effective collaboration.

The biggest challenge faced by societies today is the misbelief or lack of faith amongst members with regards to management of their account books.

UrbanBonds seeks to end this with a transparent system. For example, all payment requests and expenses are subject to an approval workflow. Residents can log in through their profiles to view and monitor financial reports anytime, anywhere. Such a system ensures that committee members are not unduly overburdened with bookkeeping while helping ensure that resident members are always in touch.

The comprehensive accounting and billing services from UrbanBonds has have been designed keeping efficiency and simplicity in mind. The ease with which assigned users performs society accounting duties ensures a transparent and error-free tabulation of income and expenses.

Our software is compliant with modern accounting practices and housing society bye-laws.

Our robust bookkeeping solution will help ensure that your society adheres to accounting-related obligations as detailed in the Co-operative Societies Act (2009) and Apartment Owners Act. UrbanBonds provides maximum automation to prevent accounting errors while promoting a completely transparent engagement with members.

UrbanBonds helps you in:

  • Creation of recurring demand bills at weekly, monthly or yearly intervals that can be sent to residents to facilitate recovery of dues.

  • Creation and maintenance of ledger accounts to tabulate revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities.

  • Automatic adjustments to credit/debit from respective from respective ledger accounts.

  • Creation of real time Trial Balance reports for periodical review by managing committee members, auditors and society accountants.

  • Creation of accounting reports for ledgers, Profit and Loss (also known as Income & Expense) statements and Balance Sheets.

  • Creation of date-based account statements for flats, which provides details of rent/maintenance and other payments received. Also provides outstanding amounts against each flat.

  • Creation of account statements for vendors associated with the Society that details the amount expected.
A Housing Society has multiple avenues for earning income - it is important that revenues earned are collectively reconciled in an efficient manner for a transparent and legally-binding income statement. Prior to UrbanBonds, accountants found it increasingly difficult to keep track of income earned - the process was often long-winding and time consuming.

With UrbanBonds, members have an excellent tool to efficiently tabulate income earned in a time-bound manner.

Some salient features include:

  • Swift and automatic reconciliation of Income income sheets against rentals, penalties and maintenance fees collected for each flat.

  • Allows defining unique set of charges for different apartment units such as Bungalows, Row Houses, 4 BHK, 3 BHK, 2 BHK etc.

  • Provision for allocation of budget amounts against various account heads.

  • Lists defaulters based on outstanding dues, allowing assigned authority to initiate recovery action.

  • Income earned from sources such as maintenance bills or amenity bookings automatically get reconciled.

  • Allows for tracking of post-dated cheques.

  • Generation of e-receipt which can be viewed by resident or vendor when they login to the system.
UrbanBonds provides you with a detailed record of monthly/yearly expenses, whether it is equipment purchases, garden maintenance or building renovation work. These records can be used to not only plan budgets but also to cut short on unnecessary spending.

Some salient features include:

  • Allows budget planning that provides transparency with regards to society expenses.

  • View detailed expense reports with description, payment mode and date of payment.

  • Online requests for purchases can be created, which are then subject to approval by assigned authority.

  • Service tax and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) are updated and reflected in relevant tax accounts.

  • View expense reports for any month at the click of a mouse.

  • Track vendor bills and the payment made for such bills. Helps to keep track of outstanding dues against vendors.

  • Reconcile expenses and ensure that they reflect in bank statements as well as Profit and Loss statements.

UrbanBonds offers a total Facility Management solution that helps to ensure optimum utilization of infrastructure and space - this maximizes revenues earned from facilities such as gyms, auditoriums and convention centers.

UrbanBonds ensures judicious allocation of amenities. This ensures optimum usage of each amenity, contributing significantly to earnings earned by the Housing Society.

UrbanBonds helps you with:

  • List and view facilities in your apartment complex that is available for bookings by residents/non members. Allows you to include details, charges and usage rules for each facility.

  • Residents can come online on UrbanBonds to book facilities at the click of a mouse.

  • Authorized members can approve or reject bookings. Post-approval, the member will receive an invoice with charges. They can then proceed to make the payment.

  • Authorized users can define flexible rate structures in flat rate, hourly rate or daily rate with different slabs. For example, rates such as Rs. 400 for up to 2 hours of usage, Rs. 700 for up to 4 hours usage for Party Hall can now be easily defined.
Housing societies in India have often found it difficult to efficiently maintain physical assets belonging to them company. With UrbanBonds, you are introduced to a modern stock-keeping solution to keep track of assets/inventory. This also helps you to monitor costs involved in maintenance and repair of assets, which will help you while planning budgets in the future.

Some salient features include:

  • Create list of assets such as furniture, computers etc. and assign unique ID to each asset for easier tracking.

  • Record details like make, purchase costs, warranty period associated with equipments. This assists in making quick decision during repairs.

  • Maintain service history of each asset.

  • Get reminders for services or renewal of AMC contracts.

  • View reports on assets, when each asset was acquired or disposed off.
Maintenance and housekeeping are some of the most important aspects in running the daily affairs of a Housing Society. Ensuring a timely focus on safety and cleanliness within the Society society premises is highly important. Moreover, it is important to quickly resolve any complaints raised by residents with respect to safety or hygiene.

Some salient features include:

  • Listing of all maintenance and housekeeping staff along with their contact details.

  • Swiftly act and execute complaints raised by residents on maintenance and housekeeping concerns.

  • Listing of all AMC contracts provides you with details on expiry and renewals.

UrbanBonds offers efficient software that can seamlessly add user accounts and specify their responsibilities to ensure proper functioning of the Housing Society. The robust database secures data pertaining to residents, committee members, maintenance & housekeeping staff and vendors - this helps in securing a collaborative model for the benefit of the society.

UrbanBonds offers efficient and simple-to-use Account Configuration. Users can be added, removed with a customized screen provided to them based on their responsibilities.

Some salient features include:

  • A super Administrator creates accounts for residents, managing committee members and vendors.

  • Access to functionality within UrbanBonds depends on user roles.

    For example, an accountant, treasurer or auditor will have in-depth access to all features in the accounting module. A resident, on the other hand, will be able to view reports on society expenses and monthly/yearly financial statements.

  • Committee members can be assigned managerial roles that will help them approve/reject financial transactions, manage residents' needs and handle vendors.

  • User data can be uploaded from a spreadsheet. This saves considerable time and efforts.

  • Users can have multiple roles and switch between them seamlessly - a customized screen is presented each time to cater to specific responsibility.
UrbanBonds allows storing comprehensive information on residents, including the flat they own, the rent they pay and penalties involved.

Some salient features include:

  • Online directory of residents. Helps society members in communicating with them much easier.

  • E-mails can be sent to residents from the directory itself.

  • Residents are provided with logins so that they can view notices, bills and other information pertaining to them.
Committee members play a significant role in the managing of affairs at Housing Societies. As such, they will be equipped with considerable responsibilities in the UrbanBonds application in order to execute financial and maintenance tasks.

Some salient features include:

  • Create privileged accounts for elected Society office bearers such as President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  • Assign managerial responsibilities to each committee member.

  • Residents can view list of committee members and contact them with concerns or queries.

  • Update committee members after conclusion of term.
A notice board provides committee members with an opportunity to interact with residents and vendors. Residents can easily view notices as soon as they log in to their screens, ensuring that they are updated with the latest happenings in their Society.

Some salient features include:

  • Display of notices based on relevance.

  • Notices will provide residents an opportunity to buy or sell within the society.

  • Announcements on meeting of Society Members.
UrbanBonds provide residents and vendors an online facility to air their grievances. Residents can log in through their profiles and access the Complaint section to register their complaints. These complaints are then viewed by committee members who will then take necessary steps to resolve them.

Some salient features include:

  • Easy interface for complaint registration.

  • If the complaint is related to maintenance work, the administrator assigns a staff member to execute and closes the ticket.

  • Speedy relief for those who complain.

We understand how difficult it is to maintain piles of physical files and how time consuming it is to find some information from those files. Forget about those physical files, with UrbanBonds' online record management facilities you will maintain your society records online and share those with the residents whenever you want.

Housing societies in India have a pressing requirement for an efficient mechanism to retrieve and manage documents pertaining to information on residents, compliance laws, financial, bills and lots more. To cater to this need, UrbanBonds allows authorized users to upload and manage society records that can be viewed and accessed by members whenever they wish to.

Our software allows you to upload WORD and EXCEL files, images and scanned copies in an efficient and quick manner. Some salient features include:

  • Transparent handling of documentation.

  • Allows residents to access important society-related material at the click of a mouse.

  • Reduction of paper usage.

  • Increased efficiency in the society office since everything becomes computerized.

  • Indexing of documents ensure efficiency in its retrieval.

  • Accelerated verification of financial documents.
It is highly important to assign an individual to jot down the minutes of every society meeting. This helps in keeping track of various resolutions passed and also the tasks that are assigned to individuals. UrbanBonds allows authorized users to capture such details so that they can be accessed and referenced by members and residents at a later date.

  • Residents and members can view decisions taken and actions proposed in the meetings.

  • Earlier MOMs can serve as the starting point at every subsequent society meeting.
A majority of housing societies in India have a Rule Book that lists the policies, rules and responsibilities that should be followed by residents, tenants and third-party vendors. The goal of such a book is to ensure that life within the housing society is enjoyable, hygienic and safety-oriented.

UrbanBonds allow authorized users to upload a Housing Society's Rule Book so that it can be referenced whenever the need arises. Based on the inputs provided by stakeholders, updates can be made to the Rule Book on a timely basis.